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This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time to tackle a diet

Yeah, I'm a couple of weeks behind the new year momentum but my foot is mostly better now so I'm ready to get started.

I had mentioned it in a couple of post comments, but I am also starting You on a Diet like Jossie. It had been sitting on our shelf since it came out and while I was off at the end of the year and bored, I dug it out and started reading.

I know I can break bad habits and make good ones: I'm taking my multi-vitamins and other supplements without thinking about it. I've always have loved drinking water, but I hardly drink soda anymore. I limit myself to 1 coffee in the morning.

I personally felt I had to fully adapt to the gluten-free diet before I could add anything else to complicate the food equation. This is the year! I have gluten-free routine down at home -- mostly I'm used to eating at home or bringing something so I don't feel the need to eat out as often or grab a snack at work. It took a while, but I also don't feel the need to overeat like I had to before in order to feel full, and since I was used to not gaining weight like a normal person would I didn't see the negative side affects until a year ago when all of my pants didn't fit. I can really see that just comparing the size of my lunch I take with me a year and a half ago to the ones I take now.

More good habits I'm working on: make workouts a routine and eating more fruits and vegetables.


jmac said...

I still haven't tried the vitamins we bought because I'm afraid to burp fish oil and bring back childhood memories :-) That was mostly Brian's idea - he has read the book entirely and is the one who is encouraging our daily walks, not weighing myself, and drinking tea...I don't even drink coffee anymore!!

Since I haven't read the book completely yet, I'm still doing things that I would normally do before, like lifting weights and (soon) running in addition to the walks.

I've always loved fruits, so adding more fruits to my lunch is like adding a dessert. We always eat veggies at home, but now have a steamer so it's more fun to cook them.

I'm just glad that I finally found a book where the author's objective is to help make all of this second nature to us. Bill Phillips, in Body For Life, emphasizes that as well, but there's so much writing it down that goes with it and it just takes too much time - hopefully Dr. Oz doesn't suggest that, I guess I'll find out soon...but even if he does, I won't do it.

ClickChic said...

I recommend Barleans Fish Oil Capsules. I just get a couple orange burps afterwards, if any. Which is weird when you haven't had and orange juice.

One of my weaknesses is corn tortilla chips and salsa.

I admit I don't like tracking calories and such either, I tried to do that for a while, but the online tool I was using didn't have much of the foods I eat in there so I'd have to enter that information. I think I lasted a couple weeks. I like my heart rate monitor because it tracks time, heart rate, and calories for me. Then it updates an account for me online. Very easy.

Your husband needs to talk to my husband! :) My husband that Body for Life was a lot of writing as well.

I'm keeping my coffee :) but maybe as I drink more green tea I'll become more accustomed to drinking it and less coffee (and I will save a lot of money!).

ClickChic said...

For lunch today I baked tilapia fillets coated in rice flour on a pan with some grapeseed oil. Then after it was done, I put a dollop of softened butter mixed with cilantro, sea salt, pepper, and garlic with some lime zest. Really tasted good with the fish, especially the lime. I haven't made a lot of fish so I am always looking for ways to make it.

Anonymous said...

these are the best - no burps.

*putting any fish oil capsule in the freezer cuts down on the burps as well

Danielle said...

Once I am done with my current program I would not mind taking a look at one of your guys's books! Does he cover a lot of self psychology to make it all second nature, or does he just give tips to make it easy?

jmac said...

I haven't gotten very far yet, reading it very sloooowly - a few pages a week :-/ So far, he has been discussing anatomy and physiology of the digestive system...what makes you hungry, what happens to food as it enters your mouth, how other organs are affected by it and what they do. Pretty interesting stuff!