Geek Goals

This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wedding Flowers

We are thinking a simple green and white... What do you think? I might actually want a smaller one than this, either less flowers or just ones not quite so large.

Bridal Bouquet, picture

Monday, September 25, 2006

Grand Canyon Wedding Off.

My dream of a small fun wedding at the Grand Canyon is now dead. All you who were worried about how you were going to afford to come can now stop saving so many of your pennies.

Brandon and I are back at square one with wedding plans.

Our September goal was to set a Location and a date... however this setback now means that we will be lucky to get our location set again in the 1 week that remains to us in September.

Guess it is time to break out that book I bought back in May about planning a traditional wedding. I feel crappy like my dream was squashed... and then kicked.

Hopefully we can find something equally 'us' locally here.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Depressing Fridays

Sometimes Friday’s arrival is a joy, the work week has gone well. Everything you set out to do was completed with bells on. You have stunning weekend plans which you are totally prepared for...

For me more often than not Fridays are just a source of debilitating stress. Work goals that did not get accomplished. Weekly status notes highlight your failures, and as the end of the week approaches, debug gets more frantic and mistakes are made. Packing preparations for a weekend or evening trip I am not ready for. There are chores around the house going undone all week that now have to sit over the weekend.

What are weekends for you? Do you use the extra time to catch up? What do you spend time on, work or family responsibilities?

About 3 out of 4 Fridays I wish I just had the whole night to veg and de-stress from the weekend. But it seems 4 out of 4 Fridays have something planned already.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Too Busy!

I have been too busy the last week for Jazzercise. The schedule is a bit limited and I was sick Monday so I missed that class and tonight I have Girl Scouts at 6:30. Makes it impossible to go to a 5:30 class and get cleaned up after... so I have to work out on my own.

So last night I did! A treadmill and some hanweights. It felt really good, especially after Sunday/Monday being sick and not moving around much at all!

Here is to hoping I can keep that up and start to get better control over my eating. Next week I think I should concentrate on packing a lunch. Its always healthier than any fast food choices I make.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

me skinny

By my birthday I want to be near this size. You think I can do it?

I sure hope so, I'll be 30. I miss being hot. :)

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bridal Boogie!

Yea I know I am a dork, and I don't know why I did this instead of going to bed... but it is what it is.

Friday, September 01, 2006


I skipped a Jazzercise workout yesterday. I have family coming to visit later tonight and we still had a room (that we had just painted) that was all empty. I got quite a bit of exercise going up and down stairs with boxes and occasionally pieces of furniture, but I still feel bad about it.

Saturday we are going to go hiking at Quarry hill and hopefully next week I will get back on a regular workout schedule. So far I am only trying to 2 Jazzercise classes a week. Of the 5 weeks in August since I started up again I think there were 3 of them that I only made it to 1 class... but other exercise was had.

Weight wise I am stable... not increasing or decreasing right now, 162.5 is where I am at.

That is due in large part to me avoiding fast food by bringing lunches 3 times the last 2 weeks :)

Go Team!