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Monday, September 25, 2006

Grand Canyon Wedding Off.

My dream of a small fun wedding at the Grand Canyon is now dead. All you who were worried about how you were going to afford to come can now stop saving so many of your pennies.

Brandon and I are back at square one with wedding plans.

Our September goal was to set a Location and a date... however this setback now means that we will be lucky to get our location set again in the 1 week that remains to us in September.

Guess it is time to break out that book I bought back in May about planning a traditional wedding. I feel crappy like my dream was squashed... and then kicked.

Hopefully we can find something equally 'us' locally here.


ladykatya said...

Well - I'm sad for you, but happy for me, I guess.

I still say that you guys need to do a wedding for YOU and not for us.

And tell B that he should stop worrying about whether "we" think the wedding is ghetto. Who cares as long as we have fun and you guys get a party to start off your lives together!

dabuekke said...

He was only really thinking of one or two friends of ours when he was worried about that, but I think he is over it.

Jenny M said...

That is sad to hear :(
Why the change? What about Itasca State Park...any parks with beautiful water falls near by? How about Mount Rushmore, there are a lot of pretty sites around there. I think people can handle that. Renting cabins and water sporting equipment could be fun too! Well I think that where ever you guys will be, no matter your "back drop", you will be lost in the moment of the ceremony and you will forget where you are. When two people who love each other deeply are joined in marriage, you are the only two that exist at that moment. You could be standing in front of a dumpster behind Hardees and you feelings, during that moment shouldnt change.

No matter where you guys decide to marry, the energy will be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Classy - great choice!
Smaller would be better but it is probably just a distortion...

Anonymous said...

I meant to post that about the flowers -oops!