Geek Goals

This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Check-In

Monday June 25th. 8 weeks till the wedding. I have about 7-10 lbs to lose to start to feel a bit better about fitting into my dress and all that. Not to mention just maintaining muscle mass now that I am almost old.

Monday June 25th: 166.5

I have been hovering around this weight for many weeks now. Being too busy to workout and eat healthy.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Enough is enough...

Something happened to me the last few days. Something made me really tired of not looking my best physically.

  1. My friend Jossie's getting back into eating right and working out, it has inspired me quite a bit.
  2. I tried on my wedding dress for a fitting and they couldn't get the top clasp together in the back.
  3. Conversations recently about family history of various diseases.
  4. Trying to be a good role model for young ladies in my Girl Scout troop and my siblings.
  5. Its summer and hot and I have shorts and tank tops that I used to wear that now look bad on me or just plain don't fit.
  6. I came up 1 flight of stairs on Friday and was out of breath enough that I couldn't carry on a conversation right after getting to my desk at work.
  7. I have been having digestive issues lately and I have been eating pretty much anything in sight and indulging in fast food, big meals out and other food vices a lot lately.
  8. Having a clean house makes me feel like I want to get other areas of my life in order as well.
  9. Seeing the garden start to grow reminds me of how great it is to grow and eat fresh vegetables!
That is a lot of reasons, but they all culminated into an action.

This morning I went for a walk outside. It was a bit hard especially since I chose a hill to walk up first thing, but it felt great. I followed that up with reading a bit of my old diet book "Change One: Lose weight simple, safely and forever" and following one of their breakfast guidelines.

  • FF Cottage Cheese,
  • wheat toast (with strawberry preserves),
  • watermelon
  • and a couple glasses of water.
I'm not to the point yet where I am going to commit to a 6 day a week workout plan, a restricted calorie diet, or a weight loss goal of x lbs by x date.... but I am to the point where I just want to do something... so I did.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wedding Website

For those of you who were not on my email a few weeks back, here is my wedding website!!

Tell me what you think, and if I misspelled or said something wrong as far as you know!


Monday, June 04, 2007

Oh my...

This past weekend was our Bride-To-Be's Bachlorette party. I ate way too much, but had a blast...

I came home yesterday, Sunday, and watched Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic on TLC. Talk about scary! I think that everyone should watch this at least once. As they were talking about their food addictions, I realized that maybe, per chance, I am a food addict. Seriously. It's the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. Stepping on the scale 300 times a day is a reminder that I shouldn't be eating what I'm eating... (I'm writing this as I eat my breakfast of watermelon and lots of water.)

The thing that broke my heart the most about the Brookhaven show was that some of the 700 and 800 lb folks are smuggling in food and completely cheating. They are allowing it, because, if you don't have access to your addicitons, you can't truly fight them. However, for the half of the 75 residents that AREN'T cheating, that has to be SO difficult!!! I cannot imagine being big enough to have to check myself into a rehab center only to have people smuggle in food crack like french fries and pizza.

Anyway, as I was watching that, I was thinking that I needed to go work out. I didn't, since Im so damn sore from either the bed at the hotel, or from dancing. :( I will run a little today if the kids give me time. I'm home with them since daycare is closed.

There's also a show called Big Medicine that I'm going to try to catch tonight.

Oh, and I'm up 1lb from the weekend of partying. :) But, that should be gone by tomorrow!