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Monday, June 04, 2007

Oh my...

This past weekend was our Bride-To-Be's Bachlorette party. I ate way too much, but had a blast...

I came home yesterday, Sunday, and watched Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic on TLC. Talk about scary! I think that everyone should watch this at least once. As they were talking about their food addictions, I realized that maybe, per chance, I am a food addict. Seriously. It's the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. Stepping on the scale 300 times a day is a reminder that I shouldn't be eating what I'm eating... (I'm writing this as I eat my breakfast of watermelon and lots of water.)

The thing that broke my heart the most about the Brookhaven show was that some of the 700 and 800 lb folks are smuggling in food and completely cheating. They are allowing it, because, if you don't have access to your addicitons, you can't truly fight them. However, for the half of the 75 residents that AREN'T cheating, that has to be SO difficult!!! I cannot imagine being big enough to have to check myself into a rehab center only to have people smuggle in food crack like french fries and pizza.

Anyway, as I was watching that, I was thinking that I needed to go work out. I didn't, since Im so damn sore from either the bed at the hotel, or from dancing. :( I will run a little today if the kids give me time. I'm home with them since daycare is closed.

There's also a show called Big Medicine that I'm going to try to catch tonight.

Oh, and I'm up 1lb from the weekend of partying. :) But, that should be gone by tomorrow!

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dabuekke said...

I have mixed feelings myself when I see things like those shows.

Sometimes it makes me feel not so bad about my weight, sometimes it makes me feel sad for society that so many people are out of control with addictions.

Sounds like an interesting show anyway!

So glad you had fun at the party Saturday. Sometimes the hostess doesn't get to have as much fun, I don't think that was the case the day of the party... Maybe in the days before it ;)