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This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goals Check In

January is a good time to check in with the goals we have set. I just changed mine to reflect the 6 week program I am starting to jump start a healthier lifestyle.

How is everyone else doing? Do we need to update any goals? Any you have found too difficult to maintain and need to back off on?


Danielle said...

A post I read somewhere else about setting big goals.

Penelope Trunk Blog

Goal: Lose 15 lbs doing Slim in 6, Stick with it for 6 weeks and adopt a food menu I can live with.

1. Think about money.
I will fit back into smaller clothes I already own (save $)
Healthier people do better at work (Make more $)
People who exercise regularly often avoid chronic health problems (Save $)
Ability to borrow maternity clothes from friends when I get pregnant (Save $)

2. State your goals in a way that encourages sticking to them.
Workout 6 times a week
Eat healthy foods. Build up list of good for me and yummy foods an learn how to make them.

3. Write the goal down every day, and put the paper on your wall.
Lose 15 lbs doing slim in 6 for 6 weeks.
Adopt a food menu of good for me items I can prepare.

4. Commit to three weeks
The night before organize my day around when I will workout and what we will eat.

5. Make some new friends to go with your new behavior
Participate in 2 Beachbody threads.
Personal website sharing fitness attempt with friends.
Talk with local friends who workout regularly about food ideas.
Participate in 2 activities with my husband a month. Rock climbing, raquetball, snowshoeing, walk outside.

ClickChic said...

I haven't been good at starting my better habits yet (using better because I already have pretty good habits). I meant to start while I had a week off with no family, but already discussed those mishaps. :)

Despite that I noticed I went down 2 pounds! I avoid weighing myself too often and recently weighed in.

I've been reading "You on a Diet" (may as well read if I'm not doing) and so far it makes sense to me because they are changes for the long-term. I'm going to try to incorporate their tips to what I do. The drs emphasize waist size over weight.

I know I can stick to change when I HAVE to, but I have found when I'm not forced, I'm not very good about keeping it up. :)

A little perspective -- I thought packing a lunch instead of buying lunch everyday sucked before, but now I do it most days of the week. That and other changes pretty much turned my life up-side-down and inside-out. But I'm dealing.

jmac said...

I'm reading "You on a Diet" as well. I love it already because he has lots of facts and he emphasizes living healthy without thinking about it, which is my biggest goal.