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Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday April 5th

Scrambled Eggs and ketchup, banana
2 cups Rice including stir fry veggies with Tofu, Banana, apple juice
1/3 apple, 1/3 orange
Miso and Veggie Soup
Banana and PB Toast (no butter)

Not the best day (had the toast and eggs which are not on the diet)

Sorry to say Karen my Miso soup experiment was kind of blah. I think we got the wrong kind of rice noodles because the recipe said to put them in with all the veggies and boil for 10 min, while the instructions on the back said to boil, then drain. Brandon said it was just like they got too mushy. They were more like spaghetti looking noodles, rather than the really fine angel hair like ones. For Veggies, I used Celery, Pea Pods, and Carrots. It was ok, I saved 3 small leftover containers, trying to get as much of the veggies as possible, but still tossed out quite a bit (it made 9 servings!). It was definitely edible though!

Maybe cut the servings in 1/2 for your first experiment.

Brandon is officially off the diet wagon. He had a HUGE bowl of ice cream complete with caramel, fudge and nuts last night. Also he broke into his summer sausage while he was foodsavering them. I was able to resist on both counts... but now its making me hungry :(

Still NO workout though! I procrastinated my work and cleaning by doing other things, like making Miso Soup?!?! So by the time that was all wrapped up I HAD to get to my work.

If no plans come up I should be able to get 1/2 hour in on our treadmill tonight. 5:30 pm appointment!

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