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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Juice Fast - Day 2

Yesterday I started a juice fast. No restrictions on how much I can drink, just that it has to be fruit/veg juices, herbal tea, green tea, water, and even a protein shake I can make myself. We couldn't find a small amount of vegetable protein powder to add to it, just a huge container, so we are going without that part of it.

Its only 2 days, and then we move on to a restricted veggie diet. It includes brown rice or wild rices, and even Miso Paste, which we are interpreting that to mean we can use Tofu as well. We picked up some extra firm Tofu and are going to incorporate it into a few meals this week.

Yup I have been saying We, Brandon is doing it with me! I'm so happy and I hope he keeps it up.

We also decided to stop 12 hours early on Easter Sunday so that we can eat an Easter Dinner. It will still be mostly veggies, but can't pass up ham!

I envision when we complete this detox, that I will be able to control my portion sizes better, and continue to include more veggies in my diet. I am even considering one meal a day be a juice meal, as I start to lose weight towards my 150 lbs by May 1st goal!

Thanks Brandon for you support.


ladykatya said...

YAY! Go B go! :)

I'm glad to hear that you're both surviving.

ClickChic said...

I'm especially excited to see how it goes as I'm planning to do this diet many days? A little over a week from now I think.

Ayla said...

Interesting to know.