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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good lord Gertruide...

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get in all of that protien?!?!

If you checked my fitday journal, you would see that I only got in 112 grams of protien yesterday. I really thought I'd get closer than that! UGH! I bought some protien bars yesterday afternoon. Hopefully that will help me get closer. The good news is, my carb count is low *AND* I dropped 2 lbs! :) SWEET! I also did an additional workout last night -- which is wonderful since my children decided to wake me up 7 - yes, you read that right - 7 - times between the 2 of them last night. Needless to say, I did not get up and workout again this morning. The good part is, today is Wednesday and that means that it's Daddy's day. I'll have time to workout tonight since it's snowing in Rochester and I'm not heading that way in this snow crap for my voice lesson! :)

I'm going to change my goals up in the little Orange section above, but did anyone else see the whole Valerie Bertinelli article in People? Supposedly she's a size 14 (my current size!). The picture on the front makes her look huge!!! I was obsessing last night asking the boyfriend if I looked that big. He said that I wasn't that big and that she looked WAY bigger than me. :) (See - they DO get smarter the older they get!) That being said, her goal is an 8 by September. Mine is going to be a 10 by August. Totally do-able. I figure that I should hit a 10 somewhere between 160 & 170. Right now, I'm at 197. At 2 lbs a week, which I usually surpass when I'm really trying, that would put me at 28 lbs down by August 1, or at 169. That should be a nice solid 12 -- at MOST! Hopefully, it'll be a 10. :) We shall see, right?

The Jenni's Bridal folks ordered me a size 16. She said that right now, my measurements are between a 16 and an 18. My only fear is that -- WHEN -- I get to a 10 that it would put me in a size 12 dress, which is 2 sizes of alterations to the dress. Now, the skirt I'm not worried about. That should be as easy as removing 1 panel or gore or however they've got it put in and adjusting the waistband. The top will be trickier. But, whatever. That's up to my mom or Jenni's Bridal -- whoever does the alterations.

Wow - this got long. Anyway... the moral of the story is -- I shouldn't be the fattest bridesmaid. :) I will be tall and skinny like Karen! :) (no offence, Jenny, but I don't remember if you're tall and skinny or not... :) Let's all aim for a size 10 or smaller, k?)

Edited to add: Here's another link to Valerie's Jenny Craig Blog. That way I can keep up with her! :)


Anonymous said...

They put Valerie in a stupid Mumu outfit to make her look huge! She is only a size 14 so her weight loss won't be as dramatic as Kirstie Alley's was... all for ratings.

dabuekke said...

I cant read the whole article, just the first page :(

I'm not sure what to say about Valerie, other than I used to love some of the shows she was in, and I don't think she looks that huge?

Fight the male dominated ideal, fight the powers that be!

Let's call her buxom and beautiful! She is a really short woman if I remember correctly, so a size 14 means she will look more overweight than you or I in a size 16. They should have showed her in workout clothes or a swimsuit :)

ladykatya said...

Just have to say for the record, that I'm a FOURTEEN in street clothes. ;) Only in your dang bridesmaid dress am I a 16 anymore. :)

dabuekke said...

We wont tell anyone else the sizes how about. They will just see how stunning you all look!

ClickChic said...

Heh-heh.....well....I'm not so skinny anymore now that food isn't just going thru me. Maybe lets call it "looking healthy" now. I'm up about 15 pounds which are not coming off -- which I think is concentrated at my chest and rear. I'd be happy with just going down 5 lbs, but I'm also happy to stay where am at this point cause I'm feeling good. This may be my new ideal weight. :)