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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Because I can can can...

That's one of the songs on my workout list. :)

Anyway, I dropped this to the 'bride to be' in an email, but figured I'd post it here too because I'm so fricking excited. :)

Here's my measurements as of yesterday in the fitting room at Talbot's shortly before I purchased a size 14 dress for the summer!

Bust: 40.5"
Waist: 35"
Hips: 45.25"
Height: 68"

Mom retook them yesterday. I'm glad she did. My waist measurement was off by a good 2.5 inches. :)

I'm pretty much a standard size 14 now. I tried on some Calvin Klein pants last night -- they are notoriously small -- and the 14 fit. Talk about exciting! :) Ralph Lauren 14 fits too! WOO HOO! I bought myself a new suit in a 14 yesterday too! A $200 suit for $50. WHO is the shopping goddess? :)

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dabuekke said...

You are, You are!