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Monday, June 19, 2006

Wedding Shiznit...

Ok lady.

Wedding things that you should be pondering - other than the location -

rough guest list
um - your dress! (we need to go shopping for dresses and rings... girl stuff...)

I'm so in wedding planner mode. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE this stuff?!?


dabuekke said...

Colors: Wine (burgundy), Silver Blue (periwinkle, or just silver), Black.

Attendents: I want to be careful about this one and wont post anything about it till I talk to the women I have in mind.

Guest List: Have started that, not gathering addresses, but at least putting down names and numbers.

Dress: No idea. White? No strapless. Summer wedding so probably no long sleves. NO big bow anywhere and only a small train.

Bridesmaid Dresses: I REALLY like some of the separates at Davids Brial and I am considering choosing different tops/bottoms in the same colors for each attendant.

ladykatya said...

Hey - I wasn't asking for names - I was asking for numbers. 2 bridesmaids or 15...? :) It will help with 'size of wedding scope' things...

dabuekke said...

Location: Will be calling the place we want on Thursday morning, we should know by 10 AM if we got it, or if the other couple trying got it. No backup plans yet (except eloping, its always plan C).

Color: Not periwinkle, platinum is the current favorite. I like the lighter silver color as well.

Attendants: I believe we have decided upon 4 attendants, although the actual people filling these slots is not getting as much thought right now as the location.

Dress: Well we now know strapless makes me uncomfortable. Didn't like the cinderella skirt, tops that were all beaded/sequined, Ivory or White is Ok, and the train has to be short.

Bridesmaid Dresses: The Davids Bridal separates only come in what they call Hyacinth, which looks blue on the website, but more purple in the store. I am still liking the separates idea and picking out the top for the attendants body shape.