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This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Week of Feb 3 - 9

Kat and I went to 2 classes at the gym together last week plus I did one class on my own and an hour of snowshoeing on Saturday. I was quite proud as it was the first week I got 4 workouts in this year. Thanks Kat for keeping me motivated and thanks Danielle for joining me for snowshoeing so I'm not the lone female. :)


Danielle said...

The snowshoeing counts as a "non DVD workout with my husband" which I didn't do any of in January! Whoops!

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there? Lady - how was the birthday?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone using this site anymore?

Danielle said...

We may go a week or so without any major posts if I get sick or busy, but yes people are still here and still using this site.

Please feel free to post some more personal information about yourself, tell us about your journey to fitness.