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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Top 5 Favorite Snacks

I read this article today about good snacking... which I know I can improve on!

So what are your 5 favorite snacks?

Mine are not healthy snacks... but there are what I tend to eat when I'm hungry and its not really lunch or dinner time yet.
  1. Wheat Thins and cheese
  2. Chips and Salsa or Guacamole
  3. Snack Crackers (like cheese its)
  4. Microwave Popcorn
  5. Chocolate (fudge, mini bar, whatever I can find)


ClickChic said...

My tops 5:

1. Cheese, especially string cheese
2. Rice cakes, either plain or topped with natural peanut butter or cheese
3. fruit
4. corn tortillas, maybe salsa
5. dark chocolate

jmac said...

I usually snack on these:

1. Banana, apple, or blueberries
2. Dannon Light % Fit yogurt
3. About 10-15 mixed nuts
4. carrots or celery.

ladykatya said...


1. Fruit
2. FiberOne bars (they are the BEST!)
3. string cheese
4. 100 calorie packs
5. hard boiled eggs