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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Week 5 Came and Went

Week 5 came and went, and so went all my working out effort!

Last weeks excuses were:
  • Monday night my workout got interrupted by a phone call, and so I skipped the weights, pushups, leg lifts and crunches of the DVD
  • Thursday Girl scout meeting at 6:30
  • Voting in primaries had to be there by 7, so I ate dinner first... never managed to work out after getting home at 9:15
  • Wednesday night felt like a good night to spend some down time with my husband. We cooked together and ate together early in the evening
  • Friday - Duh its Friday and I had plans
Overall I think the real reason for the drop off is the increased time commitment to 60 min made it too hard to get through without interruption or get through if I only had 90 min from when I got home to workout, eat and then get somewhere. With the 45 min one at least that was possible. And why I didn't just do the 45 min workout instead of the 60 min?

If I could answer that question I would probably have the key to being in shape all the time! My commitment level over 4 weeks was decent, but not stellar. That 5th week must have had a few too many hurdles that I did not overcome.

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