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Monday, July 16, 2007


I suppose I should be thrilled with losing 6 lbs in 2 weeks. However, I'm just plain not.

I've been working out every fricking day. Hard. Not this easy 'workin in the garden' crap. ;) Ok - so it's not crap for you, but I'm in good shape already (yes, you can be fat and in good shape damnit). So for me to lose so slowly pisses me off. I'm eating really well. Though, I think my body really, really, really doesn't like carbs. I'm easing back on them now. Upping the protien and throwing out that damned Fat Smash diet. My Good God, I ate tofu for 9 days straight. No meat. All fruits and veggies. It was great and all. I felt good by the end of it. However, you'd think that I would have been down 10 lbs by then, but alas...

Needless to say I'm frustrated. REALLY Frustrated.

Anyway - if I keep up this way, but the time Christmas rolls around I might weigh 175.


dabuekke said...

6 lbs WOOT!

I'm sorry to hear that it is not enough for you :(

Just try to focus on the fact that statistically if you lose it slower (2-3 lbs a week) that you are more likely to keep it off, which is after all what we are after right?

I'm glad to hear that you are figuring out by trial and error what foods your body responds well to and what it does not.

Quote of the weekend...

D " Its too bad I'm not skinny AND hot"
B "I guess"
D "Good thing I'm hot"

Anonymous said...

Mel, Mel,
Guilt is not condusive to weight have been a very bad girl and it shows. tsk tsk... at least your temptation is leaving.