Geek Goals

This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not good.

Well I haven't done anything for a couple of weeks. And my body feels it. I really need start. Now it's been so long that I'm even scared to step onto that scale to see my weight.

How is everyone else is doing? I'm sure better then me :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

A great article!

100 Ways to cut 100 calories

The Early Bird...

I started out today by waking up at 7:11.

If you don't know me really well that is the earliest I have woken up without an alarm clock, since I was in High School probably!

I rolled out of bed, got ready, even hefted some 8 lb weights a few times before breakfast and got to work by 8!

To make it even more amazing I went to bed at 1:11. Not sure what this will do to my normal afternoon slump at work... but I have some diet pop to help me through if I need.

I'm afraid it's a story of "too little too late" but I am going to heft those 8 lb weights every day this week. Try to build muscle or at least keep what I have before this weekends trip. Maybe if I give myself sore arms for a couple of days I'll be better prepared for hefting a canoe and pack around the BWCA.

Trip still on for those who know about the fire up there. Its not yet touched the areas we are going to and they have now controlled it enough that they said they would let people back in our intended area.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ticker Missing

Mel, where is your ticker! I see only mine and Kelly's :(

Let us all know your workout plans, you were so KICKING all our butts, and I'm sure when you get back on the wagon you will again!

Backpack Anyone?

So while I am not meeting any workout goals, or weight loss goals... I have achieved one milestone in my life.

I have backpacked! We rode in a canoe to a site across the water, brought everything we needed on our backs.

I was able to help carry a canoe, with my backpack on, and help B get the canoe on his back, canoe around a lake... and sit out in the rain with my rain pants and jacket on.

Wait that last part I am very experienced at... its rained on our camping adventures the last two weekends in a row!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

166 lbs

Well I'm still at 166 lbs.

Not much else to say for myself.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Food is good...


Banana, toast, butter, pb, 8 oz peach juice

Cantelope, small ham bun, kraft cheese slice, light mayo, small salad, FF french dressing, Diet pop.

Cup and a half of rice and serving of polish sausage. Diet caffeine pop

Sweet Tarts, 1/2 Hershy's chocolate bar, most of a pkg of Red Vines.

I have actually been making much better food choices lately, and had a couple big walks this weekend.

Saturday - Celiac Walk, just under 2 miles, I walked with my backpacking pack with a tent and sleeping bag in it! A bit of a stress on me, but I could totally handle it.

Sunday - MS Walk. 5 Miles... no big backpacking bag, but I did carry a camel back with a water bladder. Brandon informed me I didn't drink enough water, but I sure carried it! This walk did end up giving me a cramp today, in my calf.

Up next for me will be a weight routine to get ready for Boundary Waters. I might even use the gym membership I pay for ;)

Sorry to hear that your workout routine has suffered Mel, Just remember some is better than none, and exercise is supposed to help mental clarity right?


I picked out a pair of wedding shoes today ;) Not set on it, but I got them and plan to insert some gel thingys to make them feel better (as someone who doesn't wear dress shoes much).

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Did anyone notice...

That all 3 of us have decided that 22% body fat is a good goal?!?

Strange, huh? :)

I haven't been doing very well lately. There's been no workouts in my routine for a good 2 weeks now. What has been in my routine? Rehearsals. Kids. Panic Attacks. Overbearing Mothers. Hot Boyfriends. Kids. Playing outside. Practicing. Auditions. Playing Catch. Flying Kites. Work. Work. And lastly, More WORK!

This week, I finally went to see my doctor about my panic attacks. They started in late December and lasted until mid-January last time. It was almost a daily recurrance. Thankfully, at that time, I had a co-worker who had been prescribed Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug, and she'd give me one when it got so bad that I couldn't deal anymore. When the panic attacks started again -- oh, about a week ago -- they were worse than before. They have always felt like someone was sitting on my chest making it very hard to breathe, but now it was starting to feel like a heart attack. It hurts all the way across my chest and down into my left arm, making it numb.

There are side effects of the medicine that she put me on that I'm not too excited about. Namely weight gain and lack of libido. Now, I'm not so much worried about lack of libido, since I'm one of those chicks with an overactive libido anyway. The poor boyfriend was relieved that I would no longer be humping his leg every night. ;) However, the weight gain thing concerns me a lot! I'm fat. I don't WANT to be fat, and I'm working HARD not to be fat! UGH! We will see. It seems like some people actually LOST weight while on it, so hopefully I'm one of those. ;)

We start up with the next round of the Biggest Loser -- Office Edition next week. That means back to the grind of working out and eating right. Until then, though, I'm going bananas eating anything I want. ;) Naughty, Naughty me!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weight Loss - Diet Ticker

Weight Loss - Diet Ticker: " "

Weight Loss - Diet Ticker

Weight Loss - Diet Ticker

Sad Realization Day

One of my goals was to blog about my diet. What I was eating etc. Its obviously been abysmal lately because my weight this morning was 166.5 lbs. But this is part of my shame.

Monday April 30th 2007
Banana, 2 toast w/ butter and Peanut Butter
5 medium pieces of pizza, 3/4 cup Cottage Cheese
Small Coldstone Ice Cream (Peanut Butter and Chocolate)
3/4 cup chopped up Anduille sausage, 1 and 1/2 cup Mac and Cheese

Tuesday May 1st 2007
Banana, 2 toast w/ butter and peanut butter
1/2 Pork Chop, 1 and 1/2 cup brussel sprouts w/ pepper and butter, sour cream donut
McDonalds Fillet-a-Fish and Ranch snack wrap
3 pieces of Meat Lover Pizza (Paradise Petes)

Pretty bad I know.

Yesterday we went hiking for an hour at Quarry Hill, so I was able to burn some of it off, but more than anything it made me realize how out of shape I have let myself get. Then again I was also hauling a backpack with water bottles, a tent and sleeping bag in it, so it was rightfully harder than hikes the last 2 weeks.

I have to adjust my goals because its now May 1st, and I have not reached them.