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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Did anyone notice...

That all 3 of us have decided that 22% body fat is a good goal?!?

Strange, huh? :)

I haven't been doing very well lately. There's been no workouts in my routine for a good 2 weeks now. What has been in my routine? Rehearsals. Kids. Panic Attacks. Overbearing Mothers. Hot Boyfriends. Kids. Playing outside. Practicing. Auditions. Playing Catch. Flying Kites. Work. Work. And lastly, More WORK!

This week, I finally went to see my doctor about my panic attacks. They started in late December and lasted until mid-January last time. It was almost a daily recurrance. Thankfully, at that time, I had a co-worker who had been prescribed Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug, and she'd give me one when it got so bad that I couldn't deal anymore. When the panic attacks started again -- oh, about a week ago -- they were worse than before. They have always felt like someone was sitting on my chest making it very hard to breathe, but now it was starting to feel like a heart attack. It hurts all the way across my chest and down into my left arm, making it numb.

There are side effects of the medicine that she put me on that I'm not too excited about. Namely weight gain and lack of libido. Now, I'm not so much worried about lack of libido, since I'm one of those chicks with an overactive libido anyway. The poor boyfriend was relieved that I would no longer be humping his leg every night. ;) However, the weight gain thing concerns me a lot! I'm fat. I don't WANT to be fat, and I'm working HARD not to be fat! UGH! We will see. It seems like some people actually LOST weight while on it, so hopefully I'm one of those. ;)

We start up with the next round of the Biggest Loser -- Office Edition next week. That means back to the grind of working out and eating right. Until then, though, I'm going bananas eating anything I want. ;) Naughty, Naughty me!

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dabuekke said...

Now now, don't ruin all the hard work you did up till now! Keep your splurges small and infrequent. Use something else to make you feel better!