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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Early Bird...

I started out today by waking up at 7:11.

If you don't know me really well that is the earliest I have woken up without an alarm clock, since I was in High School probably!

I rolled out of bed, got ready, even hefted some 8 lb weights a few times before breakfast and got to work by 8!

To make it even more amazing I went to bed at 1:11. Not sure what this will do to my normal afternoon slump at work... but I have some diet pop to help me through if I need.

I'm afraid it's a story of "too little too late" but I am going to heft those 8 lb weights every day this week. Try to build muscle or at least keep what I have before this weekends trip. Maybe if I give myself sore arms for a couple of days I'll be better prepared for hefting a canoe and pack around the BWCA.

Trip still on for those who know about the fire up there. Its not yet touched the areas we are going to and they have now controlled it enough that they said they would let people back in our intended area.

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ClickChic said...

I was up before 5 for some reason yesterday....