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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Gluten-Free Geek

I figure I should at least introduce myself. Hello!

I have been gluten-free (no wheat, barley, rye, and oats) for a year after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. For someone that has never dieted before in her life, I think I adapted pretty well. I have never cheated, even though I have been tempted. I was one of those sickening people that could eat anything and everything since I was always hungry, and not gain a pound. I'm surprised no one thought I was bulimic. Not anymore. You have gotten your revenge people! Celiac isn't always accompanied by weight-loss, which makes it so hard to pinpoint it in those that don't have the classic celiac symptoms.

Some of the challenges with a gluten-free diet involve time, price, taste, and convenience. It takes a lot of time to shop for groceries, cook from scratch, and do the dishes. Or when in a rush, there are quicker options, but they are generally more expensive and not very healthy. Taste -- well, we're dealing with some new ingredients with different flavors and textures. Sometimes it is hit or miss. Going out always requires planning ahead. I usually plan on failure, so I always stash food in my purse. For the most part it is easiest to eat my meals at home and pack a lunch for work. I go out to eat occasionally, plus I've got some great friends that have taken on the gluten-free challenge and cooked for me too.

I've been pretty lazy for about 2 years since I started getting more sick, then once I was better, I just wanted to give my body time to heal and not push it at the gym. Now I have to push through it and I'm trying to work out more regularly (whenever you ask me, I'm always trying to work out more regularly, its been an ongoing goal that I really haven't been successful with).

Since everyone else has goals, I figured I would share mine.
  1. Work out 4 times a week and make it a habit
  2. Find fast and easy meals to cook that are still healthy and meet the GF criteria
  3. Cook meals ahead of time to have when I'm busy
  4. Start by losing 5 pounds

Karen, the Gluten-Free Geek


jmac said...
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jmac said...

Welcome Karen!! I think what scares me about cooking and inviting you over is to have overlooked something and make you sick :(

Maybe we should have brunch sometime and you can show me how to cook for you!!

ClickChic said...

Jossie -- you guys count in the great friends that have cooked for me, even if it was grilling out. :) But I can teach you more if you'd like. If you like, I'll post a GF cooking tip a week so it isn't as overwhelming.