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This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"I need you to be supportive"

How can your friends and family help you with your diet and exercise plans?

I always say to my boyfriend “I need you to be supportive”.

But what does this mean? No one wants a nag, and in fact I don’t respond well to that, especially from my boyfriend (and vice versa). A friend of mine has actually sanctioned her boyfriend to be her food police! If that works for her great, but that would just drive me crazy.

What I think we all want deep down is for someone to go through it with us, and to be strong when we are weak. We can be strong for them when they need it as well. Often it is nice even to have someone who cheats sometimes like we do so we do not feel bad.

I will never get this out of any single person. None of us will. The only place we will ever get them from is within ourselves.

So what can they do that is helpful without being insane?

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dabuekke said...

Well I came up with some lists… It’s what I do!

What do I need?

• A regular schedule (sleep, food and exercise).
• Food from my menu available and easy to throw together.
• BAD Foods not around (GS cookies, potato chips, Halloween candy).
• GOOD snacking foods around home and work (popcorn, wheat thins, rice cakes).
• Some feel good activities for when I would normally pig out (fav TV show, making home DVDs, call a friend).
• Words of encouragement, noticing changes and helping me see a vision of what I will be in the future (probably get this more from my friends, trainer and nutritionist than my Fiance).

What can B do to help me?

• Eat close to the same diet as me when I am around and change some of his cooking to fit in with my diet.
• Go to bed earlier with me when possible, and be clear on his schedule so I can eat/sleep without him.
• Don’t purchase (or at least leave in the kitchen/pantry) any of the bad foods.
• Pack lunches with me or support my lack of eating fast food if we did not have time to pack one (go home for lunch, go to a place that lets me stick to my diet).