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This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Are we hot yet?

The answer for me is a definite NO! I'm not any hotter, or healthier!

Working on getting over a freak shoulder injury right now.. might actually go see a chiro a first for me in my adult life.

Work schedules made me drop Jazzercise and my eating habits have gotten atrocious. Working on the "Change One" plan again. This week focusing on getting a healthy breakfast. Fruit and V8 :) At the same time I will have to start using the treadmill at home since my shoulder rules out a lot of other exercise options.

Ive actually been getting 3x a week exercise in, mainly hiking and volleyball, but my injuries and snacking habits have been my downfall the last month or so. I will have to work on more sensible snacks!

I'm going to need some help out here!!! Where you at Mel?


dabuekke said...

I bought a bag of apples... hey its a step.. now I just have to eat them instead of cheetoes and chocolate...

ladykatya said...

I'm up 3 lbs. :(

BUT - after the move this week, the boyfriend has been informed that he MUST make me work out at LEAST 3x a week.

So. The current goal is to be back down to 180 by my birthday. I've got 4 months. Totally do-able.

dabuekke said...

I didn't exactly mean where are you at weight wise, just kind of a shout-out because you have not been posting lately... but thanks for the update ;)

Dude you know by now that the boyfriend cant MAKE you workout. Asking him to do that is like planning for a fight 3 x a week :(

I tried that once with my BF, we were supposed to work out together in fact but I had no idea how pissed off I would get when he tried to get me to work out and vice versa.

Its good to have people to be accountable to, but try to not make him have to remind you often.

So now that I have dispensed that sagelike advice... My own weight loss and exercise attempts are in the TOILET right now!

I had to borrow back some size 16 jenas from Mel for those that don't know, but the only saving grace is they are all baggy so I'm really a size 14 right now. I only have the one size 14 jeans so I'm borrowing these 16's with the intention of it being TEMPORARY!

I havent done anything since my Monday night kickball fiasco except go to the chiro, so its definitely time to start up again.

ladykatya said...

Well - I haven't worked out at all because I've been at home -- on the couch -- SICK for 4 days! Seriously!

Moving was not the best idea this weekend. I was just starting to get well and I over exerted myself, I think.

After I get better - I'm getting back on the bandwagon. I SWEAR!