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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Are you getting enough sleep?

I am not sure if I have been getting enough sleep lately. Without mentioning what time you go to bed or get up, how much sleep do you average?

I get between 7 and 8 hours a night, but sometimes I feel like that is not enough!


Kat said...

I am probably getting about 9 hours. I would prefer more like 10...but that often isn't possible!

ClickChic said...

I usually get around 8 hours. When I don't get that much a few days in a row, I feel cruddy so I try to keep up on the good sleep.

Danielle said...

Sounds like I need to up my hours! I would really like to get 8+ every night. I think that would do me a world of good... but then when would I read? I usually read from 12 to 12:45 or so.

jmac said...

I'm definitely doing something wrong. I get between 6 and 7 hours of sleep a night.

I have been battling this schedule for a couple of years now. I go on strict schedules and force myself to sleep between 8 and 89 hours but that only lasts for a couple of weeks. I usually fall back to the 6 to 7 hours of sleep pretty quickly :-/

jmac said...

Correction, I meant between 8 and 9 hours of sleep, NOT 89 hours!