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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Find time to Exercise Tips

I often read beachbody newsletters, and saw something in this one that really caught my eye.

I'm going to try combining the tip from "Big Bang Theory" (Women wake up faster to high pitched sounds) with the touch your toes as soon as you wake up in the morning to get the blood to go through your brain!

Beachbody Newletter: 7 Tips to help you find time to exercie


ClickChic said...

Having the alarm clock that jumps off your dresser onto the floor and rolls around to hide from you would really help touching your toes in the morning too! I wonder if they had that in mind when they designed it or just to get people up and out to catch the alarm. I forget the name of it.

I've made it into the gym twice this week so far, planning to go tonight and tomorrow yet.

Danielle said...

That might work! I heard of one that has a light that turns on and gets more intense as it gets close to your alarm time. There is a buzzer too, but the light is supposed to pull you out of the deepest sleep. Wouldn't work very well for people who are already in daylight when they are trying to wake up, but sounded like a good idea.