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This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Monday, March 12, 2007

3 Final Dresses to choose from.


ClickChic said...

You're crooked girl! Like Picasa or something like that. ;-)

I like the first strapless and the dress with straps from when I went with for dress shopping earlier.

Anonymous said...

The first and second ones are absolutely gorgeous. I just don't think the strapped one is very flattering.

SEFM said...

I like the first one, but I REALLY like the second one. It has something different and cool about it. It's very elegant. And I agree with anonymous. The third one is not very flattering. Maybe it doesn't photograph well, which is a bad thing considering how many cameras will be aimed at you on your wedding day.

ClickChic said...

man, I use picasa photo editor too much. I mean PicasO, the artist. :)