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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

These are the two I liked. #1 has the option of customizing the color of the straps and the 3 tiers of material at the neckline.

#2 was very comfortable, has a flattering neckline and the beads on the bust are just a bit of dazzle, which I liked.
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Anonymous said...

I love dress #1 - you look lovely!

Anonymous said...

I DEFINITELY vote for #1 too. -sm

Anonymous said...

I vote for #1 as well!

dabuekke said...

I let people post anonymously so that you dont have to sign up for an account on blogger to post, NOT so that I have no idea who gives me advice!

Who are you people, and how come everyone likes Dress #1, when I like Dress #2???

Does it matter that the neckline of the dress I like (#2) matches the neckline of the bridesmaid dress with beading at the waist (which I like the best?

dabuekke said...

Sorry -sm, I see you ID'd yourself to me :)

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Don't offer options if you don't want people to offer opions... if you like dress #2 - THEN GET IT. Don't get pissed at people just cuase they don't agree with you!
You are making this wedding stuff way harder than it needs to be - why is that???

ladykatya said...

She's making it harder than it should be because she's Danielle - and that's why we love her. :)

Honestly though - I don't like either of these very much... I'm still partial to the JLo butt looking one from the first time.

You know I love you! :)

-- your maid of honor

dabuekke said...

Well if you were not anonymous I would be able to say for certain "you don't really know me!" Cuz if you did, you would know I always do everything the hard way!

Gotta check out all 1,000 options before I can feel for sure that this one dress is for me ;)

And the clock it is a ticking... I am less than 6 months out right now... EEK!

I'm not even irritated about everyone picking dress 1, just want to know who is who and maybe some constructive reasons as to why? That is what would be most helpful to me.

I always take a lot of opinions into account when I make a decisions but ultimately it is me who has to wear it and look at picture of it for the rest of my life, so I can't decide in a cavalier way, just to make it "less hard than it needs to be".

Planning a wedding is hard even in ideal situations where you have it in your hometown and you mom does most of the leg work, dress shopping with you every weekend till you find the perfect dress, pays for most of it with your dad, writes out invitation envelopes and puts together your favors with her friends and relatives back home. I don't have any of those things.

Even harder getting a jeans and t-shirt girl like me, with cleavage, body fat and a big booty (once again if you knew me you would know I only wear a dress 1 to 2 times a year) to find a dress style that I like and works for my body and my budget.

Dress #1 does have one issue, the triple ribbon at the neckline on the one I tried on was not laying down very well. Either these will need to be tacked down or the lady at the store even suggested having a seamstress replace it with a single wide ribbon. If I do that I can have it be in any color (even match my bridesmaids), if I don't then I can only choose from white, ivory and a pinkish color called romantique.

For those that truly know me, what one color will I definitely not pick?

ladykatya said...


ClickChic said...

I might not have actually gave my opinion while we were shopping. I like the top on #2 the best.

Plus Danielle stayed in #2 the longest. :)