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This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Week May 29th 2006

I don't know whether the weekend counted for last week or this week, but I sure fell off the wagon this last weekend, and with dire consequences!

I now weigh 161.5 as of this morning! up about 3 lbs for those who may know what I weighed last week.

Hot sweaty days, lots of sitting around, lots of junk food around and a host of "motherly" types trying to feed me all weekend .. bad combinations.

1) Continue the fruit with every breakfast, and limit myself to one (planned in advance to be healthier) snack before lunch, and one after. 3x a week bringing my lunch might be challenging, but I can force myself to eat healthier when going out.

2) Same fitness goals as last week. I found 3x a week weights and 3x a week cardio challenging to get to. In addition to that I would like to do at least one physical activity for an hour, like Hiking, bike riding, stiff walking, rollerblading, mowing the lawn, whatever.

So far its Tuesday and I just worked out this evening. Since I'm leaving town yet again on Friday (Camping with my Girl Scouts) this means I need to work out the next 2 days consecutively. I might be able to let a cardio slide and get a hike in this weekend.

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dabuekke said...

I managed to get quie a bit of physical activity in this weekend, but not acutal focused workouts.

Swimming, night time nature hike, Scavenger hunt, tent setup and take down and even some playing at the park (with rope swings, teherball and see-saw's).

Assesment of last week is quite dismal.

Goal 1 - Fruit with every breakfast. Sucessful throughout the week, but not over the weekend.

Goal 2 - 3x a week weights. I only did 1.

3x a week cardio I only did 2.