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This year is about getting my sanity back. Getting my health my house and my family into a better place by deliberate incremental changes in all areas of my life.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May 2012

April was a whirlwind. Continued incremental changes in diet, didn't get up to speed exercise wise. Made slow progress on home projects.

Nutrition: Managed to continue to cut out sources of lactose and have been having less attacks. Started going to Chipotle again more regularly, getting rice, black beans, meat, lettuce, this is much healthier option than our usual fast food.
Home: Started garden planning, continued to clean out Office so most of the clutter is now empty boxes!
Finance:  Started process of preparing for home refinance.
Family: Started craft time with Lydia with a fun mothers day project, learning to cut with kid scissors under supervision, and some of the usual play dogh and coloring time. Also started doing "homework" in a prepare for preschool book, Specifically wanted one geared to preparing for math concepts. Lydia gets a sticker after each page which she loves. Resumed using the chore chart with Lydia and hope to swap out some old tasks she is good at now (like potty) and add new ones, specifically ones that help with our house cleanliness.
Weight: I didn't write down what my weight was in early April, but I remember having maintained around 202 to 205.

MAY (plan)
Nutrition: Snacks more at work, less at home in the late evenings. Keep working in Subway, Pho Tai, and now Chipotle in as "healthier" options for lunch.
Mental: Sleep more! Wind down the end of each day with planning out the next day.
Home: Lots of projects we want to get done before appraisal for the home refinance.  Finish clutter busting in office and extend clutter busting to Kitchen, basement etc.
Finance: Clean up credit report. Pay down mortgage to be ready for refinance end of June.
Weight: May 1st was 202.5. Plan for May is Exercise! Choose some form of exercise every other day. Walk at work, walk with Lydia at night, cleaning for 1 hour, gardening for 1 hour, Exercise class at RAC.

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Danielle said...

Mid month update!
Nutrition: about a 4 out of 10? Brought snacks to work, and kept up the healthier places on rotation for lunch. Did drop some evening snacking but still do it about 3 times a week?

Mental: Sleep more was going ok for a week or 2. "Getting things done" book has encouraged me to organize my personal to do lists by the enviornment which you do them i.e. online, errands, in the office, at home outside... using this structure a while and then see how to implement it at work will be later this summer.
Re-focus on the wind down and prepare for the next day at night.

Home: A few projects getting knocked off, not the ones we thought and not as fast. better organization of the list of tasks makes it easier to work on, like my list for packing for New York!!

Finance: Still have not sent request to credit report. Paying down mortgage continues on schedule till end of June.

Weight: Tried on dresses last week to choose one for New York. Reminds me that I have not taken that leap to regular exercising yet. Need a way to track and hold myself accountable to the exercise every other day, i'm thinking like an online version of the chore chart I'm using with my daughter right now :)