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Monday, September 10, 2007

So... Now that I'm married...

I want to wait about a week before starting anything crazy workout wise because I was killer sick last week, but B and I read an article about a diet called "the abs diet".

Anyone heard of it?


ClickChic said...

I haven't heard what it entails, but I do believe I have heard the name.

I haven't decided if it is most likely to require you to only eat after doing 20 crunches (I know I don't want to eat after doing that!), or a diet that will give you great abs! :)

dabuekke said...

Well the only thing I know about it so far is that it is a diet to train your body to not store fat, because if your body stores fat you can't see your abs no matter how ripped they are.

So its one of those plan snacks every 3 hours things.

ClickChic said...

Interesting. I'm a grazer myself. :)

Anonymous said...

Lady? How are you doing? You girls keep me motivated - where did you go?