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Monday, December 18, 2006

Geek Shopping

Well the geeks went shopping this last Saturday.

I think it was a very fruitful experience. I learned a few things...

1) Karen looks hot in any dress!
2) Mel's daughter is very shy for 15 min, then warms up and acts like normal
3) The Sage color I love so much is not as good looking in person, or in the Chiffon material we thought would be good for our outdoor in MN in August, could be hot as Haides wedding.
4) Mel and Brandon both like the red accents in a white wedding dres ( and no I didnt try any wedding dresses on)!
5) the tea length dresses might be good afterall (see previous comment about being hot and the chiffon material).

What did you learn?

I will post our frontrunners later, when I get the pictures transferred to my computer.

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